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Life as we know it!

I want to met the person that can go a whole day without thinking one negative thought. Budist munks have a ritual were they have to walk miles to a waterfall to wash away every negative thought they have. This might sound crazy but for me the message is to really make sure that you don’t let your negative thoughts take over your brain and ultimately your life. 

If I told you to stand still for 1 minute without moving a muscle, you would probably say, okay no problem. But if I told you that if you don’t make it you would lose a person close to you. The task is still the same but now I have created a negative outcome for you and your brain will automatically think about how horrible it would be if you fail and you would get nervous, tense, scared and you might even panic.

Same principle applies to almost every daily struggle. Why do we always choose to focus on the negative aspects of life. Why is a new car the answer to a happy life? Why is not ️love enough? What is it that drives us to never be satisfied? I would love to met someone that can honestly tell me that they are fully satisfied with there lives and that they wouldn’t change a thing if they had the chance. Life is not about material wealth. The most exclusive thing thing to get is inner peace and it’s absolutely free.

You stay classy planet earth!

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