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Truth or dare? 

Do you ever feel like it’s tuff to tell the truth to yourself? You tell you self one thing but you constantly do the opposite. For example you put a goal to lose 10 pounds and it goes great for the first 3 days and then you hit the famous wall! You convince yourself that one unhealthy meal won’t kill your diet. Afterwards you feel terrible and you wonder why did I eat that freaking burger! 

My question is, why is it so hard to stay true to yourself? You know that you are making the wrong decision but somehow you keep making that bad decision over and over again! I have a theory that an important decision can only be kept if you truly are ready to make a change. There is a difference between wanting something and really wanting to change. For instance if you truly want to quit smoking because your loved ones wants you too you will never succeed. You truly need to have the desire to make a change. 

People that reach there goals are truly determined to make a change and they don’t let others opinions cloud their vision. I got a great tip way back in the day. Write a letter to your future self. Tell yourself how proud you are of yourself for reaching your goal. Give the letter to a friend and tell them to give it back to you on the date were you have planned to succed with your goal. That way you have pressure not to disappoint yourself and you also have a deadline on your goal. 

The best feeling in the world is self fullfilment! 

You stay classy planet earth!

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