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Monthly Archives: March 2015


Its amazing what a small can do for your health. I’m sure you have experienced some sort of depression. Days were nothing goes right and you just feel like everything is against you. I have those days a lot. Playing golf for a living is great but sometimes it’s just hard when the scores don’t […]

Another qualifier!

I played the monday qualifier for the Louisanna event today. It was an extra tuff one since I have been sick since sathurday. A small fever and a runny nose is not the greatest conditions to have when you try to play competive golf. But you should still be able to go out and […]

Truth or dare? 

Do you ever feel like it’s tuff to tell the truth to yourself? You tell you self one thing but you constantly do the opposite. For example you put a goal to lose 10 pounds and it goes great for the first 3 days and then you hit the famous wall! You convince yourself that […]

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